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Laser File Formatting for

  • We accept files up through Coreldraw 13 (x3)

  • All drawings must be expressed in inches.

  • In Document Setup, set Page size width to 32" and height to 18". All parts to be cut or scored must be within this area to avoid bleed problems.

  • Lines and parts to be cut through material must be expressed as vectors. Stroke weight must be set to X (none) and fill must be the default black

  • Lines and parts to be scored/engraved must be expressed in raster mode. Stroke weight should be set to anything X (none) Fill can be set to any color except white.

  • Parts to be cut vs. scored must be placed on different colors. Please provide a color key indicating "cut" and "score" respectively.

  • Erase all stray lines. Remove all guide and construction lines. Remove all overlapping and duplicate lines. The laser will re-cut overlapping lines with very negative results.

  • The laser kerf (amount of material removed) is approximately .006" centered on the cut line This will cause the cut parts to be slightly smaller than drawn. This is normally insignificant. However, if it is critical to your work, please make a note of it.

  • Group parts to be cut from the same material in the same drawing. The rule of thumb for spacing between parts is to allow half the thickness of the material or more between relatively parallel cuts, particularly on acrylics.

  • It is best to draw everything in CorelDraw. Files from other programs imported or pasted into CorelDraw can cause problems that have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.